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Interview with Mark Constantine Inducil, Australian Digital Artist

Recently, we spoke to Filipino-Australian digital artist, Mark Constantine Inducil. His dream-like works explore the depths of the human psyche, pulling inspiration from philosophy and psychology. His body of work is both intimate but also universal. During our interview, we learn about what has inspired his unique style of work, his experience with NFT art, and his tips for other artists moving into the space.

Tell us a little about yourself and what initially attracted you to making art.

I’m a Filipino-Australian visual artist based in Melbourne. I’ve studied graphic design, film and cinematography and I’ve worked in the creative industry for around 20 years. I was given a stack of comic books when I was very young and I became obsessed with drawing. After that I just followed what I found interesting for me within the field - graphic arts, illustration, photography, film and motion graphics.

You’ve said that your work is inspired by cinema, psychology, and philosophy. Could you explain more how these disciplines influence your work?

I use philosophy and psychology to help me better understand people and the nature of our existence. A lot of my themes and subject matter come from those - they help shape the narrative of what I’m trying to express. With cinema, I get a lot of visual inspiration from mainly the use of lighting, colours and composition.

What’s your goal when making art?

Ideally I want to communicate a mood, a feeling and a sense of atmosphere. I want to share with people how I feel and hopefully they find a sense of familiarity and empathy with my work. It’s my way of connecting with people.

How has your style evolved through the years?

I started by imitating other artists and it was a somewhat frustrating journey because it took me a while to find my own voice. I think things finally fell into place when I stopped worrying about what other people might think and just gravitated towards what I love to create.

What made you decide to NFT your artwork?

I was talked into it by someone I met over social media. I was skeptical at first but thankfully his perseverance won over and I decided to look closer into it.

How do you see NFTs changing your artistic career?

It provides me the chance to earn a living through my art. I still do freelance work mostly as a designer rather than an artist.

What advice would you give to artists interested in entering the world of NFTs?

Be patient, be active in the community, support other artists and keep improving your craft.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced while getting into NFTs?

The biggest challenge so far is marketing my work and myself. I’m not very loud on social media but this new platform requires you to put yourself out there. I’m still getting used to it and I’m lucky the people in the community are very supportive.

Portraits of Beautifully Bizarre People II by Mark Inducil Constantine
Portraits of Beautifully Bizarre People II

When is your next drop?

I recently dropped a new series, "Portraits of Beautifully Bizarre People" on MakersPlace. It's dedicated to all the beautifully bizarre people who can’t help but be different.

Where to find Mark Inducil online.

Instagram: @markinducil

Twitter: @markinducil


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