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Interview with Marcio Button, Brazilian digital artist

Recently, we interviewed Brazilian digital artist, Marcio Button a.k.a. Acid Button. Deeply inspired by electronic music, psytrance, science fiction and the psychedelic community, he’s combined these influences to forge his own unique style of “spatial psychedelia.” During our interview, we learn about the influences behind his surrealist art and some of the factors shaping his artistic career.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your art.

I'm a Brazilian digital artist based in São Paulo. I'm a graphic designer and for the last three years I've been venturing out into making more personal and artistic work.

I always say that art saved me in a moment of total disconnection from the world. Art came and showed me the way for life to make more sense in a light and enthralling way.

On your Instagram, you describe yourself as a "psychonaut." Can you tell us what that means to you personally and how it shapes your art?

I've always been an explorer, and love the idea of navigation and discovery, of exploring our universe and the universe out there, looking inside learning from what we've encountered. This is reflected in my art. I'm always exploring universes, planets, discoveries. Each piece is a new discovery, a new place internally and outside. I started doing this much more while social distancing, travelling, exploring, navigating into my art.

What are your favorite themes to explore through your art and why?

My favorite subjects are always related to space and psychedelia. I like the feeling of us being a grain of sand in the vast universe, and how we connect to infinity through space and psychedelic art, of how we're connected with everything as important and small beings at the same time.

Many of your artworks contain sound. Is this something you create yourself? Have you always incorporated sound into your work, or is this something you introduced for NFTs?

Yes, lately I've been making the sound design of my pieces, always trying to bring a more interactive environment. This is something I started with my NFTs.

"Mushroom City"

Do you have a favorite work you’ve done in the past year? Why is it your favorite?

I have a special sentiment for "Mushroom City" because it was a piece I made amidst total angst due to the pandemic and social distancing, and I ended up spending hours and hours on it. This is why I chose it as my genesis and minted it on the dawn of my birthday. It has special significance for me.

How did you get into crypto art?

A workmate and friend of mine taught me about crypto currencies and NFTs, and I got curiously enchanted by the new possibilities this world could bring to my career.

Are there any NFT lessons learned you’d like to share with our readers?

If I have any advice to give, it's the most cliché ones: be patient, believe in your work, make real connections, make friends while making art. It will make you understand the true meaning of this vibrant community.

What are you working on now, and do you have any drops scheduled soon?

Recently I've dropped three artworks and I've been studying a lot, creating new pieces with a new style and technique. Soon there will be new available works.

Where to find Marcio Button online.

Instagram: @acid.button

Twitter: @AcidButton

Makersplace: @acidbutton

Showtime: @acidbutton


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