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Interview with Lisa Odette, Madrid-Based Digital 3D Artist

Recently, we spoke to Madrid-based digital 3D artist and illustrator Lisa Odette. Her fun and bold-colored, stylized portraits often portray confident women in beautifully draped, vibrant robes in tranquil settings. During our interview, she shares her passion for NFT collaborations and how she took the jump from 2D to 3D art!

Tell us a bit about yourself and your art.

I’m Lisa Odette, 3D artist, illustrator and animator currently based in Madrid, Spain. I’m passionate about colors and composition. With each of my works, I try to bring an unique visual voice.

How would you define your artistic style?

I would define my artistic style as simple yet detailed shapes mixed with vibrant colors, in both my 3D and 2D styles.

Lisa's First 3D Lady Portrait

Many of your earlier artworks on Instagram were bold 2D artworks. When did you start producing your own 3D artworks?

I was developing my 2D style with these intense color combinations and bold shapes in my free time, as a way of escaping the monotony of my job at the time. When I felt like I reached a style that I liked, I started practicing 3D sculpture with ZBrush, and in early 2020 I created my first 3D lady portrait.

After that I kept drawing and practicing 3D sculpting to reach a unique style that would embrace both techniques.

How did you get into crypto art?

I got into crypto art in February 2021, as I was starting to see other artists on Instagram talking about their drops. At first I didn't know how anything worked or even if it made sense, but by watching YouTube videos about NFTs and listening on Clubhouse App I knew I wanted to join this world.

Collaborative Artwork by Lisa Odette & Stephy Fung

Collaborations are becoming increasingly common and popular in the NFT space. Have you done any collaborative work recently? How was that experience for you?

I find collaborative NFTs one of the most fun things in this space. I've collaborated with artists who I admire and never thought I would talk to before the NFT boom.

My most recent collaboration is with the 3D artist @stephyfung.

The result of each collaboration is something new that I would never have expected to do by myself.

It is very fun to collaborate!

You’ve been very supportive of the NFT community, often reposting works from other artists on Twitter. What is your favorite part of the NFT community?

My favorite part of this community is that everyone is very supportive of other artists, and very famous and established artists interacting with new artists gives a sense of cooperation rather than competition. The community is built on Twitter, but it does not have the "complaining" or toxic part that I used to associate with this platform.

Is there any advice you would give to artists entering the NFT world right now?

My advice to artists entering the NFT space is: Relax, at first it’s normal to feel anxious about selling something and to have FOMO, but this technology is here to stay. Keep being authentic to yourself and remember that you were creating art before all this existed. And also be nice to others!

What are you working on now, and do you have any drops scheduled?

Now I am working on numerous collaborations, some genesis drops for a couple of market places, and I'm starting to sculpt in VR with Oculus!

Where to find Lisa Odette online.

Instagram: @lisaodt

Twitter: @LisaODT

Behance: @lisaodette



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