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What NFT Art Collectors May Be Looking For

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Collectors evolve their collections over time to their own taste, and each one is different. As some tokens change hands, collectors, artists, and even the entire space evolves. There are notable exceptions, but most collectors, regardless of whatever reasons they are collecting, like to know that their tokens will retain value, and in most cases, appreciate over time.

Some collectors are so wealthy and passionate about art that they may not put much weight into technicals like these, and they simply collect artworks they appreciate, but the rest of us might do an immense amount of research before buying a token, especially if we’re looking at it purely from an investment standpoint.

A lot of the technicals that we’ll talk about have to do with the artist, which is by far the most important factor when assessing the value of a crypto art token.

Artist’s Minting Cadence

While NFTs are not interchangeable, its less ludicrous to exchange a Beeple for any other Beeple… Continue reading "What NFT Art Collectors May Be Looking For" on

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