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Pricing Strategy for First Time NFT Artists

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

So NFT has been the hype of the year. We’ve seen Beeple’s NFT artwork sell for over $69 Million dollars. We’ve also seen the Smoking Pipe Cryptopunk fetch for $7.5 million dollars. And now everyone wants to be selling NFTs.

The sad reality is not everyone going to be filthy rich. But I believe everyone can cash in on this of NFT hype. I believe we are just seeing the hype get started with OpenSea raising a fresh new round of funding as well.

So lets talk about pricing:

1. Secondary Sales / Royalty - This is probably the bread and butter for many NFT artists. Set a reasonable amount. You’ll be cashing in on every resale of your project. Which means you could be cashing in for life time. The ideal number I believe would be 10% in my opinion. But again it depends on how often you think this will resell.

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