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NFTs: The Non-Technical Guide

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

The beginner's breakdown of NFTs, what they're all about, and whether they're just the next fad to fade away in the near future.

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A piece of art entitled Everydays — The First 5000 Days has just sold for $69.3 Million USD through the popular auction house, Christie’s. That places artist, Beeple, in the top 3 highest-value artists alive today.


§ An NFT is a digital asset, which is provably unique.

§ NFTs are a big deal for the creator economy.

§ They facilitate the trade of 100% authentic and original ownership of digital assets.

§ NFTs come in many different forms: GIF's, audio, video, tweets, virtual real estate, in-game collectibles.

§ They are powered by the Ethereum (and a few other) blockchain(s).

Let’s Get Started

Non-fungible tokens are the three (two?) words on everyone’s lips at the moment. They’re mostly going by their acronym, NFTs, because who knows how to pronounce fungible (fun-jih-bill is my best guess).

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