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My Digital Journey to #NFTS

Updated: Apr 12, 2021


In my first years as a graphic designer, my world consisted mainly of paper, books and magazines. To give you an example, my bachelor and master thesis were both printed books (Yes - I am that old). So I was born analog, but I wanted to become more digital.

In the last three years, I have done my own personal digitalization and transformed from the analog design world into a digital one to the point that last weekend I created and launched my first crypto art - an NFT.


I have read about NFTs before from time to time. Then, two weeks ago, the internet went wild about the news that a well-known New York gallery sold a digital painting worth $69 million for the first time. And this made me thinking a bit more about the subject again and I decided to join the hype. Let's get rich! Continue reading on

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