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NFT Fear, Uncertainty And Doubt

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Explosive gains have brought the skeptics out of the woodwork en masse. Some folks with good intentions are making some great points that we should all be taking into consideration in order to make the industry more robust and sustainable, others are misinformed, everyone is passionate.

I’ll address some of the biggest misconceptions I’ve been hearing, and I’ll update this article as I see new points being made. I love doing research and responding to comments! If you see anything in this (or any of) my articles that you think is incorrect, please call me out on it.

If Your Token Uses IPFS Then It Will Disappear.

Recently a thread has been passed around NFT Twitter like a burning hot potato that nobody wanted. I’m posting a link to the thread so you can read it for yourself, but I’ll summarize the talking points below, and let you know why your IPFS-backed NFTs aren’t going to magically disappear. Continue reading "NFT Fear, Uncertainty And Doubt" on


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